Covering Disaster: Media responses to the tsunami and its aftermath

SRI LANKA: Tsunami aid agreement faces mountain of opposition

While critics say the agreement does not represent many Sri Lankans, supporters laud the deal as a step toward peace

SRI LANKA: Group surveys tsunami's impact on provincial journalists, appeals for aid

Rural-based reporters' livelihoods might be at risk as tsunami wrecked homes, families and equipment

INDONESIA: "I'm Alive!" project continues to reunite families in Aceh

Initiative seeks to broadcast news of tsunami survivors; Metro TV, Jakarta daily Kompas and Banda Aceh's Serambi have all pitched in

Evaluating Tsunami Coverage

News and reviews of how the press is performing

Reporting amidst conflict and crisis
Sri Lankan journalist, Feizal Samath, appraises the challenges of reporting on a disaster in a country divided by a twenty-year-long war

US: Tsunami survivor copes with ten-day media barrage

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The Cost of Bearing Witness

Press casualties and press freedoms

Writing for Relief
Serambi's staff talk about destruction and rebuilding and a newspaper that works for its community, writes Jacqueline Koch from Indonesia

Between a rock and a hard place: Journalism in Indonesia
Serambi's journalists faced hardships even before the tsunami, Jacqueline Koch writes from Aceh

INDONESIA: 68H launches site for radio station rebuilding and relief in Aceh

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