Search Tips and Archives

AsiaMedia uses Google to search our archives. These tips can help you improve your search results. The examples below are in Bold.

Keyword Searches

Keywords can be words or phrases in quotes.

Some of the most common AsiaMedia searches are names of important people, specific newspapers, and topics.


"Times of India"

"press law"

Google has a useful tutorial for using keyword searches.


Search for a story from a particular date by signifying when that story was published in its original source.

For example, to find all the stories published on Thursday, October 21, 2004 type -- include the quotes in your search query.

"Date Posted: 10/21/2004"

Keep in mind that the Google search may not find stories that are less than one week old. If the story you are looking for is more recent and your search does not return any hits, simply browse the archives in the right column on this page.


To find an article about a particular country, such as Japan, type:


If you want all the stories in which the country is mentioned, type:


Some stories are about entire regions, in which case you can type something like:


Tips for better searches

Print Versions of Stories

Your search will most likely return hits like "AsiaMedia :: Story, Print Version." You can ignore these hits; they are the print versions of the stories that your search has found. If your search only returns these types of hits, scroll to the bottom of the search page and click the link, "repeat the search with the omitted results included."

Refining Your Search

You can search within the results by simply adding terms to your original search or by scrolling to the bottom of the search page and clicking "Search within results."

You can decrease the number of hits by signifying keywords that should not be in the stories by using the '-' symbol. For example:

Thaksin returns 242 hits

Thaksin -TV returns 72 hits

Combining Search Features

To create a very refined search, combine the keyword, date, and country search methods. For example, to find all stories about India printed in Pakistan's daily, Dawn, on February 2, 2004, type:

"INDIA:" Dawn "Date Posted: 2/2/2004"