AsiaMedia Southeast Asia News AsiaMedia en-us THAILAND: Govt to monitor Thaksin's online show Prime minister's office minister says government will take legal action against those involved in the broadcast of the show if anything illegal occurs INDONESIA: 'No more news' at VP office? Presidential and vice presidential offices merge their press and household bureaus to improve coordination between the two administrations INDONESIA: 'Merdeka' suspends publication Country's oldest paper ceases publication due to financial difficulties after returning last November under a new publisher THAILAND: Clip-releaser website shut down Information and communications technology minister says a panel has also been established to trace origin of controversial audio clip THAILAND: Channel 11 boss gets axe over PM blooper For third time, the prime minister's weekly live broadcast was delayed on state-run station INDONESIA: Police regret media coverings on sermon monitoring Police chief denies issuing orders for the surveillance and urges the media to cease their coverage of the issue THAILAND: Channel 11 director transferred A committee has been established to investigate why the prime minister's weekly television program has been interrupted repeatedly and to recommend how to prevent further interruptions THAILAND: PMs TV ratings drop National Statistical Office reports that interest in watching the prime minister's weekly program dropped from 45.2 percent to 25.9 percent in three months INDONESIA: Journalists urged to learn more about religion Seminar speakers say most American journalists are ignorant about religious issues while Indonesian journalists avoid covering it THAILAND: 4,500 radio stations register National Telecommunications Commission will file complaints with police and charge unregistered stations with illegal use of transmitters and radio frequencies INDONESIA: Wounded Indonesian journalist to come home Associated Press videographer suffers injuries to his legs when his vehicle drove over a bomb in southern Afghanistan THAILAND: Music giants warm up to new media channel Community radio stations help music companies reach specific groups of people THAILAND: Manager refuses to register as community radio with NTC Director manager of Manager Radio questions the National Telecommunications Commission's definition of a community radio station and the legality of the NTC subcommittee SOUTHEAST ASIA: Media 'miss point' in their coverage Prasada Rao from the UNAIDS regional support team says media should focus on high-risk groups and increase publicity geared toward them INDONESIA: Police told not to blame media for failure in terror raid Coordinator for missing persons commission says police need to disclose information to the media and public and so must decide what to release