AsiaMedia Pacific Islands News AsiaMedia en-us AUSTRALIA: Man who attacked scribe in Oz an Indian ABC News researcher worked as an undercover reporter for a story on migration and education scams FIJI: Minister files multi-million dollar lawsuit Finance Minister Mahendra Chaudhry accuses 'Fiji Times' of defamation NEW ZEALAND: Critical journalism award revamped Publishing added to criteria to encourage commercial media to provide more articles on public issues NEW ZEALAND: N.Z. documentary heats up cold case of Japanese woman slain in '98 Televised documentary prompts public to contact police with information about the unsolved murder of 29-year-old Kayo Matsuzawa FIJI: Interim government restricts freedom of expression Fijians and local media lose even more rights after the government reactivates emergency protocols NEW ZEALAND: Author challenges journalists to develop an inclusive media Carol Archie's new book about cross-cultural reporting released at AUT University FIJI: Researchers call for deeper understanding from coup reporters Researchers publish findings in Pacific Journalism Review 20 years after the first coup AUSTRALIA: Media gag order on Hicks may not apply in Australia U.S. military commission tried to bar a Taliban militan from speaking to the media AUSTRALIA: General's warrant not Aus government Australian government says decision to issue a warrant for retired Indonesian general was made by New South Wales state coroner NEW ZEALAND: Columnist Ranjit Singh criticises NZ media Former Fiji Daily Post publisher calls New Zealand media 'parachute journalists' in coverage of Fiji coup FIJI: Fiji politicians condemn military coup Politicians' concern not documented by the censored media FIJI: Military threats force temporary closure of two Fiji daily newspapers Military representatives ordered paper not to publish 'propaganda' against new leadership after coup AUSTRALIA: Murdoch talks up News Corp papers' profits Despite revenue problems in the print media, the tycoon said things are still rosy, especially with Internet advertising AUSTRALIA: Cartoon on 'Croc Man' death to be screened South Park episode featuring Steve Irwin will air in the United States this week, in Australia likely next year AUSTRALIA: Aussies feel threatened by BPO data theft New documentary shows Indian businesses mistreating their customer's personal information