AsiaMedia East Asia News AsiaMedia en-us TAIWAN: Chen Shui-bian heads online weekly Former president says his publication will defend the government policies he made during his presidency TAIWAN: Foreign-media focus not welcome news for Ma International newspapers report on the public's negative opinion of President Ma in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot KOREA: Journalist convicted of falsely accusing actor Female journalist receives eight-month prison sentence for false accusation KOREA: Former KBS chief acquitted of breach of trust charges Former president of public broadcast station was on trial for dropping a lawsuit and settling with the National Tax Service, which resulted in 189 billion won loss TAIWAN: NCC investigates handling of victim requests at ERA Anonymous employee alleges ERA news solicited phone calls from victims of Typhoon Morakot with assurances that their requests would be forwarded on to rescuers but never did anything TAIWAN: NCC investigates alleged 'fake' Morakot relief call-in TV show A blog post alleges relief show collected information from people stricken by Typhoon Morakot but never forwarded the information cards to the central disaster relief center JAPAN: Suit filed against Yomiuri over misreport on Dokdo South Korean citizens sue newspaper for writing that South Korea's President Lee conceded to former Prime Minister Fukuda that Dokdo island was Japanese territory KOREA: Naver's news dominance slipping Nate's news section overtakes Naver's in number of page views for July 2009 KOREA: EBS apologizes for copying Japanese TV program Education Broadcasting System says 'Sci-Fun' program was outsourced to a subcontractor CHINA: No plan to give up Arunachal claim Foreign ministry spokesperson refutes report from Hong Kong newspaper 'Ming Pao' about impending settlement between China and India regarding Arunachal Pradesh KOREA: Web portals alert over libel suits Under changes to News Arbitration Law, web portals such as Naver and Daum will be held more accountable for the news stories they post, but blogs and members-only web communities will not be affected NORTH KOREA: N.K. media's anti-Lee rhetoric drops 40% South Korean officials, however, do not think the decrease in critical reports pertains to North Korea seeking better ties so much as unusually high criticism in the preceding months CHINA: India hits out Chinese media over trade protectionism Indian Embassy in Beijing issues statement to counter any anti-India sentiments generated by Chinese media reports regarding trade and investment between the two countries NORTH KOREA: Obama thanks Clinton for bringing back journalists The White House issues a statement on the former president's trip to negotiate the release of two American journalists but doesn't mention North Korea CHINA: Beijing does a U-turn, praises India-China bond 'People's Daily' online edition publishes editorial by Chinese ambassador to India about the two country's cooperation in global affairs