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Created in 1998, AsiaMedia is a daily publication that gives readers news and opinions about Asian media topics. Formerly called the Asia Pacific Media Network, AsiaMedia is affiliated with UCLA's Asia research centers and in 2003, the publication formally became part of the UCLA Asia Institute.

AsiaMedia is a nonprofit and nonpartisan publication providing daily updates and archives to all users without charge. AsiaMedia is only possible through the generosity of member news organizations and contributions from those who find the service useful and who want to support the students and others who work hard to produce it. All donations to the publication are tax deductible and donors at every level are recognized, unless they prefer otherwise, on the website. We are also interested in receiving in-kind support from media and communications institutions.

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To discuss other membership options or gifts, please contact Nick Menzies of the UCLA Asia Institute (310-825-0007).

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The UCLA Asia Institute and its publications are non-profit/non-partisan institutions aimed at enhancing understanding of Asia.

Date Posted: 8/10/2005