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TAIWAN: Chen Shui-bian heads online weekly

Former president says his publication will defend the government policies he made during his presidency

The China Post
Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan --- Former President Chen Shui-bian, in a statement inaugurating his online weekly "Ponglai Island," said yesterday the periodical is dedicated to the cause of Taiwan's independence.

Ponlai Island will debut on September 9.

Run by the Ketagalan Foundation, the online weekly is "a war report on our campaign," according to its honorary editor Chen Shui-bian standing trial for forgery, corruption and graft, and money laundering.

In particular, Chen in detention declared, his periodical would defend his government policies in the eight years while he was president.

Chen claims he is being persecuted for advocating his policy of "one country on either side of the Taiwan Strait," regarded as creeping or undeclared independence of the island.

Date Posted: 9/1/2009

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