GERMANY: 'German media critical of US policies'

Deutsche Press Agency bureau chief says Western media guilty of double standard on human rights issues, Muslim world not seen as "peace loving community" in eyes of German media

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

LAHORE --- Deutsche Press Agency (DPA) Germany bureau chief Can Merey says the German media is highly critical of American policies as well as Islamic fundamentalism.

Mr Merey was answering a question about German media policy regarding American policies during a four-member German media delegation visit to the Punjab University's Institute of Communication Studies here on Tuesday.

He said the German media did not see the Muslim World as a peace loving community as there were evidences of kinghood, dictatorship, monarchs and violence in Muslim countries.

Speaking about human rights, he said the Western media was following double standards. The other delegation members exchanged views about war on terror and American policies with the ICS faculty members.

The delegation included Suddeutsche Zeitung, Tobias Matern's business editor, Stern's foreign editor Hans Hermann Klare and Focus' foreign editor Andrea Claudia Hoffmann.

ICS Director Prof Dr Mugheesuddin Sheikh briefed the delegation about the institute and its courses being offered to the students aspiring to become journalists.