THAILAND: 400 websites shut down

ICT Ministry asks police to bring violators to trial

Bangkok Post
Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Ministry has detected more than 1,200 websites that violated the Computer Crime Act -- of which 344 had content deemed insulting to the monarchy.

The ministry said that between March and August this year, it detected more than 1,200 sites disturbing the peaceful social order and morality of the people, and/or which were considered detrimental to national security.

ICT Minister Mun Patanotai said the ministry has advised internet service providers to block these websites immediately and had sought court actions against them under article 20 of the law.

He said the court issued three orders shutting down about 400 sites, 344 of which carried material that was contemptuous of the royal family.

The ministry had also sought help from the police to bring all the violators to trial.

The blocked websites included two with religious content, one video sex game and five obscene sites.