TAIWAN: Chen warned against talking to media again

'Financial Times' reporter visited former President Chen in jail with a member of Chen's private foundation and lied about conducting interview during visit

The China Post
Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Taipei, Taiwan --- Former President Chen Shui-bian, interviewed in detention by the London-based Financial Times, was warned against talking to the press again yesterday.

Robin Kwong of the Financial Times interviewed Chen at the Taipei detention center at Tucheng on last Wednesday. The interview was published on Monday.

"We've given the warning," said a spokesman for the detention center, where Chen has been detained waiting for trial since December 30.

Kwong didn't ask for permission for the interview, a detention center warden said. "He came with a Ketagalan Foundation worker to see President Chen," he added.

They talked across the window, the warden said.

The reporter was questioned before leaving the detention center. He identified himself as a reporter, and said he wasn't "interviewing" Chen, the warden added.

Kuomintang lawmaker Chiu Yi, President Chen's nemesis, demanded law enforcement officials from the director of the detention center on down be called to account for letting the Financial Times interview Chen.

Another Kuomintang lawmaker, Lo Shu-lei, said the Government Information Office should file an official protest with the Financial Times. "The reporter should be asked to leave," she added.