PAKISTAN: Jaswant sacking makes news in Pakistan

Along with reports in various newspapers, a 'Dawn' editorial says Indian politician Jaswant Singh's situation is similar to Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah's

The Times of India
Friday, August 21, 2009

New Delhi --- The expulsion of Jaswant Singh made headlines across the border too. On Thursday Dawn published, 'BJP expels Jaswant over Jinnah Pakistan book', as the second lead article on its front page. The Nation too carried the news on front page. On the websites of The News International as well as Pakistan Observer, it was among the top news stories.

"Former Indian foreign minister Jaswant Singh was expelled by his rightwing Hindu Bharatiya Janata Party for praising Mohammad Ali Jinnah while the country's ruling Congress party also censured his book on the Quaid-i-Azam, leaving little to choose between the country's two main political groups over an issue that is fast becoming a subject of heated debate," the Dawn article said.

The Dawn has also carried an edit page article, 'Going Jinnah's way,' where the writer compared the fate of Jaswant with that Jinnah, the subject of his controversial book.

"In a sense the fate that befell Jaswant Singh -- his marginalisation within the rightwing BJP followed by his ideological disengagement with the party -- had similarities with the denouement as it evolved for Jinnah. The difference was that while Singh may have moved from the communal politics of the BJP towards a reaffirmation of secular historiography, the insidious caste politics of the Congress behemoth had forced an agreeably liberal Jinnah to resort to patently communal agitation," writes Jawed Naqvi, the newspaper's Delhi correspondent. He also maintained that Jaswant has created a royal mess for India's two main parties.