INDIA: Director files plaint against TV channels

Director files defamation lawsuit against two television channels that aired a hidden camera video recording of him

The Times of India
Sunday, August 30, 2009

By Mateen Hafeez

Mumbai --- Director of Singh is Kinng, Anees Bazmee, on Friday lodged a criminal defamation complaint against two city-based television channels for showing that he was hand-in-glove with the underworld.

The complaint was filed in Andheri court. Bazmee's advocate, B R Tiwari, said that the two channels had aired a story on May 24 this year with the title "Bollywood me Vasooli" in which Bazmee was shown talking to three people. "The three people shown in the tape were actually Bazmee's debtors. They had introduced themselves as share market investors and claimed they had good knowledge of shares," said Tiwari.

According to the lawyer, Bazmee gave them a loan of Rs 3.5 crore on the condition that they will return the money within 30 days. When they did not pay within the stipulated time, Bazmee called them up and demanded his money back. "The debtors then issued 12 different cheques, but all of them bounced," said Tiwari.

One Iqbal Attarwala called up Bazmee, claiming to be his childhood friend, said Tiwari. Attarwala, who was deported from the UAE in 2006, sought a meeting with Bazmee and the filmmaker agreed. Attarwala came to meet Bazmee along with the latter's debtors. Attarwala had a hidden camera and shot the entire conversation, while Bazmee allegedly claimed to have contacts in high places, claimed the lawyer.