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US: Full-page newspaper ad promotes East Sea over Sea of Japan

South Korean activists buy full-page advertisement in 'Washington Post' to promote use of the Korean name for the sea between Korea and Japan in prominent U.S. newspapers

US: Euna Lee back to day-to-day life

American journalists released from North Korea says she will discuss her 141 days of captivity after her daughter is settled

UK: Social networking harms kids

Neuroscientist warns social networking sites could stunt development of children's brains

US: Obama reaches out to Muslim world

President Barack Obama stresses cooperation with the European Union, Russia and Arab states in reaching Gaza peace settlement in an interview with Al-Arabiya TV

WORLD: WAN postpones annual congress, forum

Tighter travel and conference budgets force newspaper conference's delay

US: American media goes all out to fuel fanfare

Newspapers and online publications invite readers to contribute in commemorating Barack Obama's inauguration as 44th president

US: Shoe protest held near White House

Activists criticize President George W. Bush, urge the Iraqi government to release detained, shoe-throwing reporter Muntazer al-Zaidi

IRAQ: For Arabs, shoe is a dirty 4-letter word

Iraqi journalist uses two culturally significant symbols to insult U.S. President George W. Bush at press conference

SWEDEN: Activists, journalist receive 'alternate Nobel' awards

American journalist Amy Goodman, the host of the radio and television program 'Democracy Now!', is among the four recipients of a Right Livelihood Award

GERMANY: 'German media critical of US policies'

Deutsche Press Agency bureau chief says Western media guilty of double standard on human rights issues, Muslim world not seen as "peace loving community" in eyes of German media

WORLD: Muslims rely on foreign communications

Speakers at Organization of Islamic Conference stress economic cooperation between Muslim countries in the telecom and IT sectors

WORLD: Newspapers surge ahead in Asia but slump in the West

Circulation of paid newspapers rise continuously in China and India but fall in the United States and European Union, according to latest WAN report

ASIA: High-speed superhighway sets the tone

Video-on-demand, multi-player online games, video content sharing and social networking sites drive demand for broadband services

US: Paparazzi invasion of Malibu leads to brutal beach battles

Malibu celebrities and locals respond to invasive paparazzi with violence

WORLD: E-health is C'wealth's new agenda

Association of 53 independent nations seeks to translate proliferation of mobile phone technology into improved health care services

BRITAIN: 'On the Internet, guard your personal space'

Services that track consumer information are a "serious breach of privacy," says Internet founder Tim Berners-Lee

FRANCE: RSF to mark March 12 as "Online Free Expression Day"

Reporters Without Borders reports at least 62 cyber-dissidents incarcerated and more than 2,600 Internet forums shut down in 2007

QATAR: Al Jazeera slams new media rules

New code of conduct for TV channels in Arab states is intended to curb satellite television talk

FRANCE: Row over disbanding of journalists 'spy' unit

Intelligence unit gathered information about politicians and journalists for ministry of overseas territories

US: Google exec sees Internet potential

Speaking in Taipei, Google's Greater China executive highlights "rich content, lifestyle and platformization" as development focus for 2008

BRITAIN: Lend the children an ear

The Listen Campaign will broadcast footage of children telling their own stories of hardship in the hopes of fundraising $1 billion for disadvantaged kids

US: Yahoo! settles in Chinese journalists' lawsuit

Settlement could change the way U.S. companies conduct business in China in the future

US: 'Botmaster' faces jail

John Schiefer stole money by "wiretapping" users' private data using spyware and surreptitious computer programs

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi king in UK amid media controversy

King Abdullah Al Saud's BBC interview, where he says Britain could have averted the July 7, 2005, London bombings, leads to boycotts and protests

US: Investors with a conscience

eBay launches a new online financial service platform, MicroPlace, to support poor regions via microfinance

US: Internet portals' legal wrangles debated

Popularity of MySpace and YouTube stirs up controversy regarding copyright infringement laws

US: Google, Random House move closer to deal

Sources say world's book publishing leader is considering partner program under Google's book-search project

BRITAIN: Reuters boss upbeat on bid from Thomson

The European Commission will evaluate the deal's impact on competition in the financial services industry

FRANCE: Media senses political scandal in EADS share probe

In their headlines and editorials, French newspapers publish their suspicions of government involvement in sale of EADS shares

US: Yahoo upgrades engine to challenge Google, MS

Yahoo! Inc. adds links to songs, videos, and photos in order to compete with Google

US: EBay slashes Skype deal price, founders step down

eBay cuts $1.2 billion from its acquisition price due to Skype's lackluster performance

BRITAIN: BBC buys Lonely Planet

BBC Worldwide plans to expand Lonely Planet's visibility and potential, particularly in digital media

US: Discount for Petraeus ad was mistake, says NY Times

The New York Times admits it printed an ad that violated its 'advertising acceptability manual'

BRITAIN: BBC deceived children over Socks the kitten

After being fined in July over faked phone-in contest, Blue Peter program admits to ignoring online votes and picking kitten's name, disregarding viewers

US: Former news anchor Rather sues CBS for $105m

Rather's lawsuit claims CBS violated his contract, incurred financial loss and damaged reputation

US: Facebook backers create S$15m fund for start-ups

The fbFund gives grants to finance innovative ideas for Facebook applications

US: New York Times to end paid Internet service

Readers can access all of the Times' news and columns for free

US: Yahoo to start testing Mash, a social network site

A new, next-generation service, Yahoo Mash joins the web's latest trend

US: iPhone rings in new rivals

Apple faces pressure as the competition gears up to launch their own touchscreen cell phone lines

US: Wikipedia publishes 2-millionth article in English

The anyone-can-edit online encyclopedia hits symbolic milestone

US: America debates 9/11 coverage

The media asks whether and how the country should continue to observe September 11

US: Firms should use public relations more effectively

Marketing professor says local companies should rely on Internet's influence for 'word of mouth' advertising

BRITAIN: Mohsin Hamid's novel shortlisted for Booker

Pakistan-born journalist's book 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist' shortlisted for Man Booker Prize

US: Journalist behind the fake Steve Jobs revealed

Author of popular blog revealed as Forbes Magazine editor Daniel Lyons

QATAR: Al Jazeera seeking to change its image

Al Jazeera English's managing editor says the news service's notority is a 'lie pushed around by neo-conservatives in Washington'

BRITAIN: British broadcaster crisis

The BBC's reputation has been badly damaged by a quick succession of scandals

BRITAIN: Europe plans bold challenge to Google

German multimedia search engine Theseus may end up another doomed EU project

US: US unhappy with Saudis, says paper

The New York Times reports that Saudi Arabia has a counterproductive role in the Iraq war that is increasingly infuriating the Bush government

AZERBAIJAN: No 'veiled meaning', just a compliment

Azeris daily newspaper Yeni Musavat reports local experts' debate over appointment of woman ambassador

BRITAIN: Report on ailing British varsities sparks debate

The Guardian's list of universities with financial difficulties is met by mixed responses

PALESTINE: Hamas denies paying captors to free BBC journalist

Official says Army of Islam handed over Johnston after coming under siege

US: Obama still being vilified by right wing media

Rumor about presidential candidate's links to Muslim extremism widely discredited, but repeated by talk radio host

WORLD: Iran, Pakistan protest Rushdie's knighthood

In brief: British government officials defend decision to honor noted author

BRITAIN: Indian-origin journalist's book on Iraq wins British prize

Rajiv Chandrasekaran's 'Imperial Life in the Emerald City' wins the Samuel Johnson non-fiction prize

BRITAIN: Big Brother player axed over race row

Already controversial reality show removes contestant for racial slur

BRITAIN: Channel snubs royal request, to air Di pics

Channel plans to broadcast images of the former princess's death despite the princes' disapproval

NORWAY: Journalists taken to task in reporting diversity

Conspicuously absent at the Global Inter-Media Dialog are journalists from Britain, France and the United States

WORLD: Digital video recorder a threat to TV ads

Over half of U.S. DVR owners fast forward through prime-time television commercials -- which means advertisers and TV stations need to adjust

WORLD: To survive, print and TV must engage consumers

Media must inspire and interact with users in this online age, says a Saatchi & Saatchi ad veteran

WORLD: Long tail theory will be applied to all industries

Chris Anderson, author of 'The Long Tail' and editor of Wired Magazine, highlights the shift from mass culture to niche culture and its effects on the media, Internet, and other industries

BRITAIN: Disgraced Wolfie blames media

World Bank president criticizes media for exaggerations

BRITAIN: UK media watchdog raps Channel 4 for airing racism

The UK's major media regulator received thousands of complaints for racial slurs against Shilpa Shetty on a network reality show

SOMALIA: Journalists' killing condemned

UN Agency calls on Somali authorities to tighten security for the media

WORLD: Global newspaper circulation up

Newspaper demand skyrockets in India and China

WORLD: Intel aims to bring TV to the Internet

Intel plans new system for a competitive price

US: News Corp bids for Dow Jones

News Corp bids to buy out the Wall Steet Journal seen as an attempt to consolidate media outlets and boost revenue

AZERBAIJAN: Seminar takes media to task over portrayal of Islam

Organization of the Islamic Conference meeting questions double standards of the western media

EGYPT: Egyptian govt plans to apply 'terror' law to reporters

Anti-terrorism legislation to be applied to journalists covering 'terrorist' organisations

AZERBAIJAN: OIC, Baku to host seminar on media

Organization of the Islamic Conference hopes to improve dialog among religious and cultural communities at this week's conference in Azerbaijan

TURKEY: 10 held over murders at Christian publisher

Police have detained 10 suspects in the murder of three people working at Zirve publishing house, a distributor of bibles and Christian literature

US: Governor declares day of mourning to celebrate lives of Virginia Tech victims

NBC criticized for broadcasting the killer's manifesto

AFGANISTAN: Afghan govt raids TV station

News story provokes attorney-general to order raid on Tolo television

US: AT&T, Microsoft ask for review of Google deal

Companies urge antitrust regulators to closely watch Google's deal with a major advertisement firm

US: Indonesian dead in U.S. campus massacre

International reaction to the shooting focuses on mourning the victims and criticizing lax American gun control laws

US: Western media link killer to Muslims

American news organizations report in error that Virginia Tech killer had links to Islam

BRITIAN: BBC reporter's family makes appeal

Militants claim they have killed Alan Johnston, abducted in March

PALESTINE: Reporter is dead, claims terror group

Previously unknown group called Tawhid and Jihad Brigades sends e-mail to news agency claiming to have killed missing BBC reporter

US: Pearl listed on Holocaust wall

American journalist Daniel Pearl who was abducted and killed by terrorists is the first non-Holocaust victim to be listed on memorial wall in Flordia

US: Wall Street Journal wins top Pulitzer prizes

Journal awarded for coverage of China's economic development, corporate America scandal

PALESTINE: UN chief calls for release of kidnapped BBC reporter

Palestinian president assures BBC director general that abducted journalist is still alive

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi liberal re-appointed as editor

Jamal Khashoggi was originally removed from al-Watan four years ago for criticizing Islamic hardliners

CANADA: Canadian TV has hostage video of French nationals

Video proves that kidnapped NGO workers are still alive

US: Google to buy ad firm for US$3.1bn

Google outbids Microsoft to acquire DoubleClick

AFGHANISTAN: Television airs footage of Taliban beheading

Reporter Daniele Mastrogiacomo's driver and translotor were beheaded

SUDAN: Google Earth zooms in on Darfur crisis

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum project will show villages, testimony on civil war

US: Dwindling financial support shuts down press organization

Remaining directors at World Press Institute say they will start a new organization as early as next year

US: Renowned cartoonist Johnny Hart dies

B.C., Wizard of Id cartoonist was 76

US: US hauls China to WTO over copyright piracy

Bush administration to file two new trade cases against China challenging lax enforcement of copyright

AFGHANISTAN: Taliban beheaded Afghan translator

Ajmal Naqshbandi was the translator of released Italian journalist, Daniele Mastrogiacomo

BRITAIN: UK sailors may sell their stories

Sailors and marines held by Iran in 'exceptional circumstances,' says defense ministry source

ETHIOPIA: 25 journalists freed

Journalists charged with treason in high profile trial

US: Americans don't trust military, media, says survey

Pew Research Centre survey says only 38 percent of Americans are confident in media portrayal of Iraq war

MEXICO: Acapulco reporter shot to death in busy central plaza

Mexico is possibly the most dangerous country for journalists in the Western Hemisphere, says president of media commission

IRAQ: Iraqi correspondent for US radio killed

Radio Free Iraq reporter found shot in Baghdad

IRAQ: Iraqi journalist killed

Suicide bomb outside of a television station injures many employees, kills reporter

AFGHANISTAN: Afghan civil society and media need govt attention

Kabul conference brings government and media together

US: Shootout at CNN, man kills ex-girlfriend

Gunman shot by security guard, says CNN website

WORLD: Japanese is Shashi Tharoor's UN successor

Veteran diplomat Kiyotaka Akasak is the new public information chief at the United Nations

US: 'Citizen journalist' Web sites flourish

Bloggers and the Internet become more mainstream in today's media

BRITAIN: Press advises Britain against use of force

Editorials call for community assistance in Iran's capture of British naval personnel

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