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THAILAND: Govt to monitor Thaksin's online show

Prime minister's office minister says government will take legal action against those involved in the broadcast of the show if anything illegal occurs

INDONESIA: 'Merdeka' suspends publication

Country's oldest paper ceases publication due to financial difficulties after returning last November under a new publisher

INDONESIA: 'No more news' at VP office?

Presidential and vice presidential offices merge their press and household bureaus to improve coordination between the two administrations

THAILAND: Clip-releaser website shut down

Information and communications technology minister says a panel has also been established to trace origin of controversial audio clip

THAILAND: Channel 11 boss gets axe over PM blooper

For third time, the prime minister's weekly live broadcast was delayed on state-run station

INDONESIA: Police regret media coverings on sermon monitoring

Police chief denies issuing orders for the surveillance and urges the media to cease their coverage of the issue

THAILAND: Channel 11 director transferred

A committee has been established to investigate why the prime minister's weekly television program has been interrupted repeatedly and to recommend how to prevent further interruptions

THAILAND: PMs TV ratings drop

National Statistical Office reports that interest in watching the prime minister's weekly program dropped from 45.2 percent to 25.9 percent in three months

INDONESIA: Journalists urged to learn more about religion

Seminar speakers say most American journalists are ignorant about religious issues while Indonesian journalists avoid covering it

THAILAND: 4,500 radio stations register

National Telecommunications Commission will file complaints with police and charge unregistered stations with illegal use of transmitters and radio frequencies

INDONESIA: Wounded Indonesian journalist to come home

Associated Press videographer suffers injuries to his legs when his vehicle drove over a bomb in southern Afghanistan

SOUTHEAST ASIA: Media 'miss point' in their coverage

Prasada Rao from the UNAIDS regional support team says media should focus on high-risk groups and increase publicity geared toward them

THAILAND: Manager refuses to register as community radio with NTC

Director manager of Manager Radio questions the National Telecommunications Commission's definition of a community radio station and the legality of the NTC subcommittee

THAILAND: Music giants warm up to new media channel

Community radio stations help music companies reach specific groups of people

INDONESIA: Police told not to blame media for failure in terror raid

Coordinator for missing persons commission says police need to disclose information to the media and public and so must decide what to release

INDONESIA: Journalist, kiosk owner receive AJI awards

Journalist commended for resiliency in defending himself in an alleged defamation case

THAILAND: Coup report baseless

Former supreme commander denies newspaper reports that cited a source in the Puea Thai party who said high-ranking officers were planning a silent military coup

INDONESIA: Cyber crime investigators on the hunt

Police seek out people behind terrorist website claiming responsibility for the hotel bombings

INDONESIA: Noordin's blog reveals Indonesians' anger with the bombings

Internet users post angry comments on blog allegedly carrying messages from the terrorist behind the hotel bombings

THAILAND: Sondhi wont attend press conference

New Politics party secretary-general speaks on behalf of PAD leader, also addressing police chief's move to file a defamation lawsuit against newspaper owned by Sondhi

THAILAND: Special TV programme on royal pardon

Government decides to air special program to discuss legal issues in petitioning and gaining royal pardon for former Prime Minister Thaksin to avoid possible unrest

THAILAND: Thaksin TV plan 'within law'

Former prime minister launches satellite television network, allots three channels about Otop products, the poor and educational programs for Thailand

INDONESIA: Bomb blasts cause TV news rating to soar

Over 314,000 viewers on average watched news programs between July 17 and July 22 following the hotel bombings

INDONESIA: Children seize the day by switching off the TV

Media activists seek to reduce the negative influence of TV on children by encouraging them to participate in outdoor activities

INDONESIA: Families flick the switch off for No TV Day this Sunday

Media activists begin nationwide campaign to limit children's exposure to low-quality TV programming

INDONESIA: TV stations warned for graphic footage of bomb victims

Two TV stations admonished for violating broadcasting regulations and journalistic code of ethics

THAILAND: Community radio regulation in effect

The prime minister's office minister emphasizes that community radio stations should not have allegiances to political parties

INDONESIA: Twitterers raise Indonesia's voice post-bombings

Twitter hashtag *indonesiaunite becomes one of the top 10 most-viewed topics on the social networking site

THAILAND: NTC urged to act on community radio

The prime minister's office minister says criteria and technical standards for community radio stations need to be announced so they can be implemented in the next month

THAILAND: PM denies secret prison allegations

Prime minister addresses 'Washington Post' report, calls it "old" and "groundless"

THAILAND: Secret jail report 'discredits country'

Department of information will investigate source of 'Washington Post' report

THAILAND: "Voice of Thaksin" on sale July 26

New biweekly magazine will have content written by politicians and activists

THAILAND: Mainstream media revenues hard hit

Magazines had the greatest decline in advertising revenue, followed by newspapers and radio

THAILAND: Radio groups demand 20% of frequencies

National Federation of Community Radio also wants fair distribution of radio frequencies among the provinces and television stations established to meet the needs of locals

THAILAND: New telecom regulator no sure solution

Parliamentary science and communications committee proposes creating a new regulator to manage convergence of broadcasting and telecommunications technologies

THAILAND: Journalists fear speech under threat

Foreign correspondents clubs in China and Japan say Thailand's lese majeste laws are restricting freedom of expression

INDONESIA: AGO criticizes media attacks on prosecutors

General Attorney's Office holds media gathering to repair its tarnished image and improve relations with journalists

INDONESIA: Indonesia gives deadline to BlackBerry producer

Government orders Research in Motion to establish local after-sales services outlets or face a ban on the importation of new Blackberry products

THAILAND: Respected monk tells media to be neutral

Phra Wor Wachiramethee says journalists should report the truth, even when it goes against their political beliefs

THAILAND: Thaksin to do weekly radio phone-ins

Deputy prime minister says government will not block the former prime minister's calls to radio program but will monitor contents of calls

INDONESIA: Media allowed to publish election news in quiet period

Constitutional Court scraps stipulations that prohibit media outlets from publishing information about candidates in the days prior to elections

INDONESIA: Police urge media not to get wires crossed

Journalists asked to avoid covering a debate between the police and Corruption Eradication Commission over wiretapping

THAILAND: Sky-High targets 5% growth

Parent company of Cool 93 Fahrenheit and Max 103.0 radio stations expects to weather any political turmoil that may arise in the latter half of the year

THAILAND: Thaksin to phone-in every Monday

Former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra says he will call in to local radio program to counter current Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's weekly TV program

THAILAND: Veera may host PM's TV programme

Prime minister asks UDD leader to come on show in order to get members of the opposition to watch his program

THAILAND: Veera 'no' to hosting TV show

Speaking on Veera Musikhapong's behalf, Jatuporn Promphan says the UDD leader is "a true red-shirt" and "does not need to talk" to the prime minister

INDONESIA: Journalists to march against violence following attack in Jayapura

Journalists protest assault of a 'Sinar Harapan' journalist by a member of President Yudhoyono's party

INDONESIA: Journalist attacked during VP candidate campaign tour

'Sinar Harapan' daily journalist received back injuries and was knocked unconscious by a cadre from President Yudhoyono's party

INDONESIA: Yudhoyono on another media tour

Incumbent president speaks with 'Seputar Indonesia' and 'Republika' reporters and editors

INDONESIA: The best programs on TV? Don't watch them

Research shows viewers prefer soap operas and reality shows over substantive programming with educational value

INDONESIA: VP candidates hardly argue in 'debate'

Critics attribute the failure of the televised vice presidential debate to its format and the candidates' similar responses

INDONESIA: Yudhoyono on a media tour

Incumbent president to meet with members of the print and television media

INDONESIA: Prabowo protests blocked TV ads

Vice presidential candidate accuses TV stations of siding with other candidates

INDONESIA: Four Megawati-Prabowo ads rejected by TV stations

Presidential candidate posts one of her critical ads on YouTube

INDONESIA: Megawati campaign team to sue TV stations for discrimination

Presidential candidate's campaign team alleges TV stations broke broadcasting law by refusing to air its advertisements

INDONESIA: Media chiefs questioned over alleged election violation

Police investigate allegations that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Boediono violated regulations by discussing political goals prior to campaign season

INDONESIA: Media told to expose candidates' track records

Survey examines print media's coverage of presidential election issues considered important to the public

INDONESIA: Public told not to worry about sending emails

Information Ministry offers assurances to quell recent public fear about openly expressing opinions

INDONESIA: Internet, Facebook, cell phones are 'children's gates to porn'

Seminar speakers express concern at how easily children can access and exchange pornographic material

INDONESIA: Elections put media independence at risk

Seminar speakers discuss the challenges faced by the national media to remain impartial as politicians attempt to buy influence

THAILAND: NBT changes to begin this year

State-owned NBT's transformation into a public broadcaster will take three years with the aim of being uninfluenced by politicians

THAILAND: News media caution on south urged

Army commander criticizes inaccurate news reports of insurgent activity in the south

THAILAND: Self censorship plagues net

Website operators impose stricter content controls, such as deleting forum topics they judge incendiary, due to the 2007 Computer Crimes Act

INDONESIA: Ministry plans crackdown on 695 illegal pay TV operators

Illegal operators to be penalized for not paying licensing fees and for redistributing services from legal providers without permission

INDONESIA: Police arrest five suspects in journalist's murder

Police confident that they can prove the suspects murdered AA Narendra Prabangsa

INDONESIA: Ulema's grandkids 'are on Facebook'

Indonesian Ulema Council calls Facebook 'neutral', remains undecided if the site and mobile phones should be banned

INDONESIA: 695 pay-TV providers operate without permits

Broadcasting authority to set deadline for them to obtain required broadcasting licenses

INDONESIA: Govt not to limit Facebook freedom

Government responds to controversial NU edict by assuring that it will not enact laws to restrict individual access to Facebook and mobile phones

INDONESIA: After Facebook, NU targets mobile phone calls between sexes

The country's largest Muslim organization issues edict banning both to curb gossip, adultery and pornography

THAILAND: Court orders closure of 72 websites

Court targets gambling and gaming websites after 12-year-old boy jumps to his death when his father forbids him from playing online games

THAILAND: Journalistic freedom still under threat

Thai PBS vice-director for management says government and business groups exert media intimidation

THAILAND: PM ponders life as a newsman

At seminar, prime minister says media needs to balance "their efforts to ease tensions and their right to free expression"

INDONESIA: Iranian press offers to cooperate with Indonesia

Indonesian press asked to counter biased Western reporting against Iran by also using Iranian media sources

THAILAND: Politically incendiary TV, radio content to be banned

Proposed regulations would require cable and satellite TV channels to receive permission before airing a program

THAILAND: Red-shirts to launch DStation mark 2

Prominent UDD member says second version of DStation will have same programs as the first and will operate like PAD-owned ASTV

INDONESIA: Indonesian radio wins King Baudouin prize

Jakarta-based KBR68H is the first news agency to receive the prize for overseeing "the democratic process through radio"

THAILAND: Reporters tell story of clashes

Thai Journalists Association compiles journalists' accounts of the April demonstrations to serve as public reference

THAILAND: Protesters demand DStation to be allowed to reopen

Protesters threaten to rally again if government does not allow pro-Thaksin TV and radio station transmissions to resume

THAILAND: Activist groups demand cybercrime law changes

Civic groups say public should gather 10,000 signatures and petition House of Representatives for amendment to Computer Crime Act

THAILAND: Sondhi postpones news conference

People's Alliance for Democracy founder and ASTV owner delays meeting with media about assassination attempt on his life

THAILAND: Thailand on most-watched list of IP offenders

U.S. report says Thailand has not developed sufficient policies to counter piracy and counterfeiting

INDONESIA: Angry soldiers target commander, journalists

Soldiers protesting their commander's decision to collect fees pursue local reporters for possibly recording their demonstration

THAILAND: Unhappy with foreign media

Authorities begin focusing on groups lobbying foreign media on behalf of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra

THAILAND: Media war targets Thaksin

Government launches counter-campaign against the former prime minister's use of foreign media to criticize the administration

THAILAND: Suthep calls Thaksin interviews a worry

The government is closely monitoring Thaksin's anti-government activities in Dubai

INDONESIA: Almost all TV programs 'unfriendly' for children

Information minister also criticizes newspapers for emphasizing sensational news, such as violence against children

THAILAND: Plug pulled on pro-Thaksin TV

Government orders satellite operator Thaicom to terminate DStation signal following state of emergency decree

THAILAND: Thai media slams protesters

'The Nation' and 'Bangkok Post' allege Red Shirt protesters have ruined the country's reputation and endangered democracy

THAILAND: Red-shirts asked to let reporters work

Protesters accuse media workers of biased reporting and will not guarantee their safety

THAILAND: UDD detains officials, DTV goes black

Pro-Thaksin station blocked after it encouraged UDD protesters to join anti-government rallies

INDONESIA: Observers, journos deported from Maluku

Five election observers and two journalists forced to leave after a group of youths threatened to attack them with machetes

SINGAPORE: 4 join top S'pore brands

Survey that measures the pulse of Singapore consumers ranks 'Straits Times' in 8th place for favorite brands

THAILAND: News teams under attack

UDD denies its supporters attacked three TV news crews, but Thai journalist groups say culpability lies with them

SINGAPORE: Clip of maid abusing from KL

A two-year-old video posted on 'The Straits Times' Stomp website generates heated discussion

SINGAPORE: 'Light touch' on new media

Government official announces web portal upgrade, confirms government regulation of new media will continue

INDONESIA: 'Radar Bali' journalist's death not linked to profession

Investigators decide to pursue another lead that could reveal the cause of death

THAILAND: Man gets 10 years for insulting monarchy

Former oil engineer found guilty under the Computer Crime Act for uploading information and a video on YouTube deemed inflammatory

THAILAND: Sathit fails to neutralise UDD offensive

Office Minister responds to criticism for taking a non-confrontational approach to Thaksin-led attacks on the government

INDONESIA: Media told not to 'cool off' coverage ahead of voting day

Media observer says the media could be blamed if it fails to expose election violations and mistakes

SINGAPORE: hits record highs

Singapore Press Holdings Digital Media Unit also plans to capture mobile market by bringing news directly to consumers

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