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Archive of all Letters to the Editor published on AsiaMedia

Economist articles contrary to the facts

In a letter to 'Bangkok Post,' a director-general at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs criticizes recent 'Economist' articles about the king of Thailand and the monarchy's role in the country's political crises

Balanced reporting required

Indonesian Military spokesperson writes in to 'The Jakarta Post' to give the military's side of the story

Oldest trick in the tyrant's book

A 'Bangkok Post' reader criticizes the ICT Ministry for "reducing and disabling" Thais' access to information and for wasting resources to do so

Who's calling who "uncivilized"?

An AsiaMedia reader accuses 'The China Post' of "hypocritical moralizing" in its coverage of the Zhang Mingqing attack

Ask yourself: What are we doing watching television?

A 'Jakarta Post' reader criticizes the prevalence of unbeneficial television programs that give viewers what they want, not what they need

Young Muslims

A 'Jakarta Post' reader disagrees about children needing more religion on TV

First Media's service

A 'Jakarta Post' reader writes about a recently bad experience with First Media's cable TV service

Astro service

A 'Jakarta Post' reader writes about poor customer service from cable TV operator Astro

Response from Astro

Astro senior vice president of corporate affairs addresses a customer complaint published in 'Jakarta Post'

TJA all stirred up

A 'Bangkok Post' reader wants the Thai Journalists Association to champion the murder investigation of the head of a local foundation

Lippo bribery

'Jakarta Post' readers write in their negative opinions about the bribe given by a former First Media executive to a KPPU member

Media manipulation not worth emulating

A 'Bangkok Post' reader points out that joining in media manipulation would lead to loss of credibility

Olympics on TVRI

A 'Jakarta Post' reader writes about her disappointment in TVRI's highlights-only coverage of the Beijing Olympics

A gay life

'Jakarta Post' readers weigh in on media sensationalism and sensitivity to coverage of homosexuals

TV programs

'Jakarta Post' readers discuss the place that television and its programs have in people's lives

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