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TAIWAN: Chen Shui-bian heads online weekly

Former president says his publication will defend the government policies he made during his presidency

TAIWAN: Foreign-media focus not welcome news for Ma

International newspapers report on the public's negative opinion of President Ma in the aftermath of Typhoon Morakot

KOREA: Journalist convicted of falsely accusing actor

Female journalist receives eight-month prison sentence for false accusation

KOREA: Former KBS chief acquitted of breach of trust charges

Former president of public broadcast station was on trial for dropping a lawsuit and settling with the National Tax Service, which resulted in 189 billion won loss

TAIWAN: NCC investigates alleged 'fake' Morakot relief call-in TV show

A blog post alleges relief show collected information from people stricken by Typhoon Morakot but never forwarded the information cards to the central disaster relief center

TAIWAN: NCC investigates handling of victim requests at ERA

Anonymous employee alleges ERA news solicited phone calls from victims of Typhoon Morakot with assurances that their requests would be forwarded on to rescuers but never did anything

JAPAN: Suit filed against Yomiuri over misreport on Dokdo

South Korean citizens sue newspaper for writing that South Korea's President Lee conceded to former Prime Minister Fukuda that Dokdo island was Japanese territory

KOREA: Naver's news dominance slipping

Nate's news section overtakes Naver's in number of page views for July 2009

KOREA: EBS apologizes for copying Japanese TV program

Education Broadcasting System says 'Sci-Fun' program was outsourced to a subcontractor

CHINA: No plan to give up Arunachal claim

Foreign ministry spokesperson refutes report from Hong Kong newspaper 'Ming Pao' about impending settlement between China and India regarding Arunachal Pradesh

KOREA: Web portals alert over libel suits

Under changes to News Arbitration Law, web portals such as Naver and Daum will be held more accountable for the news stories they post, but blogs and members-only web communities will not be affected

NORTH KOREA: N.K. media's anti-Lee rhetoric drops 40%

South Korean officials, however, do not think the decrease in critical reports pertains to North Korea seeking better ties so much as unusually high criticism in the preceding months

CHINA: India hits out Chinese media over trade protectionism

Indian Embassy in Beijing issues statement to counter any anti-India sentiments generated by Chinese media reports regarding trade and investment between the two countries

NORTH KOREA: Obama thanks Clinton for bringing back journalists

The White House issues a statement on the former president's trip to negotiate the release of two American journalists but doesn't mention North Korea

CHINA: Beijing does a U-turn, praises India-China bond

'People's Daily' online edition publishes editorial by Chinese ambassador to India about the two country's cooperation in global affairs

NORTH KOREA: Bill Clinton may return with journalists

Former U.S. president arrives in Pyongyang to negotiate for release of two American journalists

NORTH KOREA: Clinton leaves Pyongyang with freed journalists

The former U.S. president's plane is en route to Los Angeles to reunite the two American journalists with their families

NORTH KOREA: Families 'overjoyed' by news of N.K. pardon

Families of American journalists jailed in North Korea issue statements thanking former U.S. President Bill Clinton for traveling to Pyongyang to negotiate their release

NORTH KOREA: Kim Jong-il pardons American journalists

Kim grants "special pardon" after meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton in Pyongyang

NORTH KOREA: N. Korean media says Bill Clinton left Pyongyang

International news agencies also report that the former U.S. president left along with the two American journalists who were arrested and sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegally entering the country

NORTH KOREA: N.K media makes slip-ups during Clinton's visit

Radio Pyongyang and Korean Central Broadcasting Station had delays due to, as some observers speculate, plans to report former U.S. President Bill Clinton's arrival simultaneously

NORTH KOREA: Obama 'relieved' at return of two journalists

Current TV journalists return to United States after five months of detention and a visit by former U.S. President Bill Clinton to negotiate their release

CHINA: Woman reporter sent to jail in China

According to state media, CCTV reporter confesses to accepting bribe and skips opportunity to appeal, but how confession was obtained is suspect

KOREA: Ban on political UCC before polls upheld

Constitutional Court says election law is meant to regulate the content of political ads, and user-created content "may be seen as means of campaigning"

NORTH KOREA: Bill Clinton heading for Pyongyang over US journalists

The former U.S. president travels to North Korea to negotiate the release of two American journalists sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and intention to slander

NORTH KOREA: Bill Clinton visiting Pyongyang

Korean Central News Agency, Radio Pyongyang and other state media report the former U.S. president's visit to negotiate the release of two U.S. journalists

NORTH KOREA: Clinton discusses 'issues of interest' with Kim Jong-il

White House says former U.S. President Clinton's visit to North Korea, which many speculate is to negotiate the release of two American journalists, is "solely a private mission"

NORTH KOREA: Ex-President Clinton to visit N. Korea today for detained journalists

Two American journalists were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegal entry and "hostile acts" in June 2009

KOREA: Cable news YTN president offers sudden resignation

YTN president says resignation "will lead to the internal harmony of the company," but doesn't mention whether he will drop his lawsuit against YTN union members

KOREA: Court rules UCC-based campaigning illegal

Constitutional Court says user-created content should be treated the same as political posters, commercials, leaflets and other publicity materials since it carries the same promotional or critical message

KOREA: Parties trade accusations of pre-electioneering

Grand National Party says the Democratic Party's rallies against recently passed media bills are illegal pre-electioneering

TAIWAN: Chinese media delegation wraps up week-long visit

Delegation chief from China's Taiwan Affairs Office says he hopes reciprocal media offices can be established in both countries in the near future

TAIWAN: NCC to review Sisy Chen TV program

The National Communications Commission received complaints from viewers that an episode of 'Wenqian Mengxiang Yizhan' that included coverage of hotels seemed like an advertisement

KOREA: Court refuses to issue arrest warrant for media union head

Seoul Nambu District Court says union leader unlikely to flee during police investigation or to destroy evidence related to his case

TAIWAN: Taipei City officials sue 'Next' over Neihu MRT story

'Next' magazine alleges a Taipei Rapid Transit Corp. employee is responsible for the power outage on the MRT Neihu Line on July 10 but the Taipei mayor tried to shift the blame on contractors

KOREA: Change of stance on media initiative hurts 'election lady'

Pollsters says public approval for the former GNP chairwoman decreased after she withdrew her dissent from the media bills when the GNP included her recommendations

KOREA: Online community riled by revised copyright law

Government assures public that copyright law is intended for "regulating heavy up loaders" and online boards, but some bloggers worry it will restrict freedom of expression online

KOREA: Warrant for media union chief rejected

Seoul Nambu District Court says arrest unnecessary because there is "insufficient reason to suspect that Choi will flee to avoid the investigation"

TAIWAN: Radio, TV operators attack NCC over disciplinary plan

Radio and television service operators say the NCC doesn't need to increase control over programming content

KOREA: DP to form committee to fight media law

Committee will work closely with civic groups to contend against the legality of the media

KOREA: Opposition calls for suspending media reform

Democratic Party lawmakers say Korea Communications Commission should suspend plans to implement media reforms since Constitutional Court may rule the National Assembly vote unconstitutional

KOREA: Media union leader arrested

A police officer says head of National Union of Media Workers was arrested under suspicion of disturbing MBC business, organizing an illegal nighttime rally and forcibly entering the National Assembly building

KOREA: Opposition parties take to street

Democratic Party, Renewal of Korea Party and New Progressive Party launch campaign to nullify passage of media bills

TAIWAN: NCC to review TV and radio stations' ethics committees

Operators with ethics committees will receive up to five bonus points on their license evaluation sheets

KOREA: Political parties go separate ways

Democratic Party legislators seek to nullify passage of media bills, while some Grand National Party legislators want to ease cross-media ownership regulations even further

KOREA: DP leader quits parliamentary seat

The Democratic Party leader says he will launch a campaign to invalidate the recently passed media bills when he leaves office

KOREA: Opposition takes to street over media bills

Democratic Party's protests include a "10 million signature campaign"

KOREA: Parties blame each other for turmoil

Opposition parties file two petitions with Constitutional Court to invalidate Grand National Party's unilateral passage of media bills

TAIWAN: Taiwan considering PRC media swap

Mainland Affairs Council chairman says negotiations necessary before Taiwan and China decide to allow media organizations, not only individual reporters, from one country to establish themselves in the other

KOREA: Turmoil after GNP rams through bills

Democratic Party calls for resignation of National Assembly speaker and vice speaker, claims two of three media bills passed are invalid due to proxy voting

TAIWAN: NCC fails to decide on the duration of operating licenses

National Communications Commission also fails to reach an agreement on whether it would impose the same requirements on radio and television operators

TAIWAN: No time table for cross-strait media office

Chinese media delegation visiting Taiwan plans to gather opinions on Taiwanese and Chinese media establishing cross-strait offices

TAIWAN: TV series are 'Chinese' if one-third of cast are

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Finance create criteria for determining origin of radio or television programs since at least 70 percent of shows on terrestrial TV stations must be considered Taiwanese

KOREA: Assembly speaker to call vote on media bill

Seven hours of marathon talks between the Grand National Party and Democratic Party floor leaders fail to reach a compromise on the media reform bill

KOREA: DP threatens to resign en masse over media bills

Grand National Party officials say they will have the National Assembly speaker call a vote on the media bills unless Democratic Party members accept their offer of compromise

KOREA: Media bills approved at National Assembly

Opposition lawmakers abstained from vote in protest of Grand National Party's unilateral voting process

KOREA: Media bills railroaded amid scuffle

Democratic Party lawmakers say they will file an injunction to nullify vote on media bills because many of the lawmakers had their aides vote in their place

KOREA: Media unions protest bill passage

National Union of Media Workers says it will launch campaign and work to nullify the passage of media reform bills

TAIWAN: Ex-GIO staffer impeached in Control Yuan about-face

Control Yuan member Chien Lin Hui-chun says former GIO employee wrote disparaging blogs against Taiwan while at work

KOREA: 'Media five' crusades for media bills

National Assembly GNP representatives La Kyung-won, Ko Heung-kil, Choung Byoung-gug, Kim Hyong-o and Choi See-joong are the "media five" who are pushing for passage of cross-media ownership bill

KOREA: Parties haggle over media bills

Floor leaders from Grand National and Democratic parties, along with ranking members of the parliamentary culture, broadcasting and communications committee, meet for final round of negotiations

KOREA: Broadcasters to strike against media bills

MBC, SBS and KBS union workers launch joint walkout

KOREA: Media workers escalate protest against reforms

National Union of Media Workers plan to strike starting Tuesday morning

KOREA: Park adds to GNP's media bill woes

Former Grand National Party leader disagrees with current media bills' proposal for cross-media ownership, prefers stricter regulation

KOREA: President declines meeting with opposition leader over media bills

Spokesperson for president and National Assembly speaker say ruling and opposition parties need to work out issues for media bills

KOREA: Ex-chairwoman opposes GNP's media bill passage

The governing Grand National Party can unilaterally vote media bill's approval with its majority numbers

TAIWAN: NCC may allow open bids, auctions for TV licenses

Currently the National Communication Commission awards broadcasting licenses through a screening process

TAIWAN: NCC plans amendments to broadcasting legislation

NCC spokesperson says amendments are in response to Control Yuan's criticism in 2002 that the way the commission issues operational licenses for radio and television service providers "was flawed"

CHINA: NK said not operating hacker base in Dandong

'Global Times' disputes a 'JoongAng Ilbo' article that alleges North Korea conducted last week's cyber attacks from a northwest city in China

TAIWAN: NCC wants more Taiwanese shows on TV

National Communications Commission also considers adding a protection clause for locally produced programs to the Broadcasting and Television Act

TAIWAN: Analysts debate 'China Daily' case

One academic says revoking 'China Daily' newspaper's license had political overtones, while another says allowing China-based publications into Taiwan should be used as a bargaining toll

KOREA: Chosun Ilbo 'proud' of being attacked

'Chosun Ilbo' says it is the only newspaper in South Korea to be included in last week's cyber attacks

TAIWAN: Chen Hsing-yu suicide bid story denied

A 'China Times Weekly' report alleges the former president's daughter tried to overdose on sleeping pills after hearing the court barred her from leaving the country

TAIWAN: MOJ reiterates respect for freedom of speech

An NCC spokesperson also says the Cable TV Broadcast Law will not be revised to punish commentators for discussing unverified scandals

KOREA: Showdown on 'media big bang' looming larger

Democratic Party leaders are concerned about the influence that conservative newspapers and conglomerates will have on television news coverage if cross-media ownership is allowed

NORTH KOREA: N.K. website begins mobile news service

Mobile phone news service will offer reports from 'Rodong Shinmun' newspaper, a North Korean Cabinet newspaper, and state-run Korea Central News Agency

JAPAN: Balanced news key for Yahoo Japan

A Yahoo Japan news editor says it is important to include news value stories on its top web page, even when readers prefer entertainment or sports stories

KOREA: Ruling party vows to push media reforms

President Lee wants to allow cross ownership of newspapers and television news channels

TAIWAN: 'China Daily' appeals ban

A Government Information Office director says one reason why 'China Daily' lost its license was its continual use of quotations when referring to President Ma as Taiwan's leader

TAIWAN: GIO must OK airing of Chinese cartoon

YoYo TV consults with NCC officials to avoid controversy since main character of Chinese cartoon wears a shirt with the People's Republic of China flag on it

TAIWAN: NCC mulling five new TV licenses for terrestrial stations

NCC spokesperson says ministry of transportation and communications is seeking public opinion on addition of TV stations

KOREA: 'Telecom law mars freedom of speech'

National Human Rights Commission says telecom law is vague and difficult for law enforcement to judge who has broken it

TAIWAN: Foreign affairs spokesman admits Honduras gaffe

Members of media criticize foreign ministry for "being slow and oblivious" about developments concerning one of Taiwan's allies

TAIWAN: Journalist accuses CHA of censorship

The 2009 recipient of the Hakka Journalism Award criticized two officials in the video clip he submitted for the award ceremony

TAIWAN: Traffic radio station can't meet target

Radio station under National Police Administration asks government agencies to help its shortage of manpower

TAIWAN: Su Chi's wife files charges against weekly magazine

Wife of National Security Council secretary-general sues 'China Times Weekly,' demands NT$10 million compensation for damage to reputation

TAIWAN: Wife of security official sues magazine for libel

'China Times Weekly' report alleges China will spend NT$6.6 billion on blenders that a Taiwan official's wife promoted

CHINA: Chinese media on India-bashing spree

'People's Daily' and 'Global Times' editorials and commentaries condescend, criticize India over Arunachal Pradesh border issue

CHINA: Google disables 'suggest' buttons in PRC

Google redesigns its China homepage, removing language and locale options

TAIWAN: IFJ asks China Times to commit to press freedom

The International Federation of Journalists joins the Association of Taiwan Journalists and petitioners in urging Want Want China Times Group to reassess and reverse its actions against media freedom

TAIWAN: Next Media CEO quitting over difference of opinion

A Yuan Ze University professor writes in his blog that the outgoing CEO and the company's founder and chairman disagreed on use of computer-generated animation technology and on making the station a 24-hours news channel

TAIWAN: Want Want head extends olive branch to journalism teachers

Taiwan University Graduate School of Journalism dean and Chengchi University journalism department chair urge Want Want CEO to apologize in meeting

CHINA: China partially suspends Google services over porn content

Google says it is in discussions with Chinese officials for further ways to curb pornographic images and content in foreign-language search results

TAIWAN: ATJ calls on Want Want to respect press freedom

An Association of Taiwan Journalists adviser says organization respects Want Want's right to defend itself but opposes threats of legal action in the face of criticism

TAIWAN: Media scholars slam Want Want's series of lawsuits

Media researchers condemn Want Want Group for "damage it has caused to freedom of speech and journalism"

TAIWAN: Want Want urged not to sue journalists

Journalism professors say litigious threat "is in violation of freedom of the press," which Want Want China Times should uphold

TAIWAN: Want Want demands apology

Journalists and media activists defend their articles and criticisms about Want Want Group's purchase of CTV and CTiTV

TAIWAN: Lawmakers vote to increase supervision of Public TV

The number of Public Television Service board members affiliated with a political party remains limited to 25 percent, while none can participate in political party activities

CHINA: Chinese media attacks India over reports on troop deployment on border

'People's Daily' and 'Global Times' editorials take critical stance against India

CHINA: China to implement Internet filtering plan despite criticism

Government says mandatory software only filters Internet pornography and "other unhealthy content," but critics say it may be used as spyware to monitor who visits political sensitive websites and blogs

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